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Arjang and Sepidar paint companies were officially established in 1991. And during many efforts and efforts, it was able to turn its brands, oil, plastic, acrylic paints and even solvents such as oil and instant thinners into one of the brands by producing various types of construction and industrial paints such as mother. Make it popular and well-known among the people. Now, after many years of starting the company, Arjang company is still trying to improve and compete with foreign products by thinking about the development and production of new products and upgrading old products, and now buyers can buy Arjang and Sepidar products in all stores. Buy nationwide.


Hello, I am a resident of Bushehr, and considering the popularity of your color, I request you to get a Bushehr dealer. Please help.


Hello, I have the most sales of Arjang products in Kurdistan province

karim pour

Hi, I bought your color for my blood without knowing the painter's order, and I am very satisfied with your color

Ali Moradi

Hi, I live in Mazandaran and I had a problem with flaky skin due to high humidity and heat, but your paint has not flaked for more than a year now.

Reza Mirzaei

In the market, your price is higher than your quality


Hello, I am disturbed by Chaharmahal province. Please send me the price list of the city

Repetitive questions

Suitable colors for places

Bright colors make small rooms look bigger and more pleasing than dark colors

The importance of infrastructure

Before painting, the desired surface must be substructure and after removing the wet spots and filling with putty, it should be smoothed with sandpaper.

Suitable color for stone surfaces

For stone surfaces, contrary to popular belief, stone resin should be used instead of paint

The right place to use oil and plastic paints...

Plastic paints are mostly used on ceilings and oil and acrylic paints on walls. Stains on oil paints are easy to remove, but not on plastic and acrylic paints, but acrylic and plastic paints are odorless.

Choose a color for the house

The choice of color for the house depends on the environment and decor of each house, except for taste, and the best color is the color that is compatible with the decor of the house.

Get the catalog

You can click the link below to get the mother catalog of Arjang colors. All available colors are slightly different from the existing ones.